Thursday, June 10, 2004

Voters Shift in Favor of Kerry

According to the new LA Timespoll, Kerry holds a 51-44 lead over Bush nationally. We'll see in the coming months how this translates into electoral college votes, as that is the only number that really matters. Ask Al Gore.

Sometimes I wonder why Kerry isn't leading by 20 points and then I read stuff like this:
Michelle Mann, a stay-at-home mother in Oklahoma City, said she saw Bush as "a resolute man, and he is doing what he firmly believes is the right thing to do" without worrying about political consequences or reactions from other nations.
What!?! Every decision that comes out of the Bush White House is made with politics and his re-election campaign in mind. It's true that he hasn't worried about other nations' reactions, Michelle. That's called unilateralism. A strategy that hasn't really worked out that well in the past. Which is exactly why we usually stick to the alliance system. You know, the system that won both World Wars and the Cold War.

Since voters like Michelle seem to be drawn to Bush's platitudes masquerading as wisdom I've got a few for you:

#1 If it ain't broke don't fix it. (Unilateralism is bad.)
#2 You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. (Don't illegally invade other countries and tell them what to do at gun point. Diplomacy usually works.)
And most importantly:
#3 Just say no. (Seriously, Michelle. Put down the crack pipe.)