Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The embarrassing nightmare continues...

Bush warned against comparing D-Day to Iraq
French officials fear George Bush will inflame anti-American sentiment in France this weekend by linking the D-Day landings with the invasion of Iraq. [...]

Anti-US feeling has been running high in France since Paris opposed the war on Iraq last year. Activists have called for a mass demonstration in Paris on Saturday to protest at Mr Bush's arrival.

Laurent Fabius, head of Mr Chirac's governing UMP party, said of Mr Bush: "He represents the exact opposite of everything we admire about America."
The fact that anyone even has to say this out loud is truly sad. However, I would think that if Bush doesn't come right out and overtly compare this war with WWII, he'll use some thinly veiled language that will do just that.

How much more damage can this jerk do to our international standing? I'm glad I don't have to travel outside of the US, right now. I would be telling people that I am Canadian. Our "elected" leader is an embarrassment. Allies? We don't need no steenkin' allies!