Saturday, May 15, 2004

War makes Congress stiff...

Congress stiffens on war funds
Washington -- An increasingly restless Congress, shocked by new photos of abuse of Iraqi prisoners and frustrated by a White House request for nearly $25 billion more for the war, is starting to assume a tougher watchdog role over the conflict.

Lawmakers of both parties, for the first time since the war began, are calling on the Bush administration to provide a line-by-line accounting of spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Several senators this week asked whether the Pentagon was trying to avoid stiff scrutiny by Congress of war-time costs.
It's a Festivus miracle! Congress is actually considering performing their oversight duties? Doth mine eyes deceive me?

Can we apply this retroactively? It would be nice to see some hearings on the $700 million that were secretly and illegally diverted to the Iraq war planning from the hunt for Al-Queda in Afghanistan. I won't hold my breath.