Saturday, May 15, 2004

Stupidity, unlike genius, knows no bounds.

Bill aims to put God-related mottoes in schools
Columbus - Ohio schoolchildren could take tests, eat lunch and watch assemblies under "God," if a bill up for a House committee vote next week becomes law.

The legislation calls for the state and national mottoes respectively, "With God All Things Are Possible" and "In God We Trust" to hang in every classroom, cafeteria and auditorium of every public and charter school in the state.

State Rep. Keith Faber of Celina, the bill's Republican sponsor, said the mandate would not apply unless the signs were donated.
You can be sure that local churches will be more than happy to get these signs together for schools. I guess there isn't enough important stuff to worry about at the Statehouse. The budget crunch, inequality in school funding, and the hemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs are merely diversions from real issues like this one.