Friday, May 21, 2004

Somebody's gotta save us kids...

Kerry Calls on Bush to Save Jobs in Ohio
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Thursday asked President Bush to step into a contract dispute that threatens to close an Ohio bearings plant where the president promoted his tax-cut plan last year.

Kerry said Bush should urge the Timken Co. and the United Steelworkers of America to accept a federal mediator to help settle their disagreement.

Timken said last week it plans to close three bearings plants in the Canton, Ohio, area that employ 1,300 workers because of declining production. Workers claimed the company's management failed to negotiate with their union to lower costs and make the plants more competitive.

"The administration should exhaust every potential solution to prevent these jobs from being lost," Kerry said in a statement. "Federal mediation was created to help resolve situations exactly like the impending crisis in Canton."
And of course, Kerry will be accused of playing politics by the White House. How stupid do they think we are? These charlatans take credit for things they didn't do, while absolutely refusing to accept one iota of blame for things that are entirely their fault. When you're as self-absorbed and selfish as this administration, I guess it's hard to imagine that people like John Kerry might actually care about their fellow man.