Friday, May 14, 2004

The Non-thinking Man's Man

Bush worries news coverage might cloud his judgment: report
WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President George W. Bush mostly shuns news coverage because he worries it might cloud his "clear outlook" with what he perceives as a left-leaning bias, he said in a book excerpt.

Bush, who is known for devouring the sports section of newspapers, said he scans the front pages of a few major dailies and, if he finds a particularly interesting story, "I'll skim it."

White House aides, including chief of staff Andy Card, cull the newspapers for information that they present to Bush, who also relies on First Lady Laura Bush's recommendations in deciding which news stories to read.
Yeah, we wouldn't want pesky little things like facts interfere with Bush's assumptions and foredrawn conclusions. He'll "skim" a story if he absolutely has to, but the baseball box scores are so much more interesting. This guy has got to be the most intellectually incurious individual ever to inhabit the White House. Sadly enough, his anti-intellectualism and refusal to entertain debate and nuanced thought is what endears him to many of his supporters.