Saturday, May 15, 2004

Grand Ole Hypocrisy

Jerry Springer Named Democratic Delegate
CINCINNATI (AP) -- Ohio Democrats have chosen talk-show host Jerry Springer to be an at-large delegate for the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

"He's made 50 appearances at Democratic events this year. He's been an outspoken advocate for the party," said Dan Trevas, spokesman for the Ohio Democratic Party.

"They ought to be absolutely embarrassed and ashamed of this guy, but obviously standards take a back seat to power in the party of Bill Clinton," Ohio Republican chairman Robert T. Bennett said.
That's right, Bob. Standards are where it's at. So when you accepted at least $150,000 in illegal contributions from Larry Rogers (who got the money by defrauding the insurance company he founded), that was nothing to be ashamed of, right? And when you refused to return all of the money that wasn't at all embarrassing was it, Bob?