Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Emperor has no coattails...

Bush Slide in Polls Could Tip Congress to Democrats
WASHINGTON — With President (sic) Bush's political strength eroding, Democrats face improved electoral prospects this fall in the House and Senate — political terrain that not long ago seemed firmly in the GOP's grip.

Recent polls indicate that problems in Iraq and continuing lack of confidence in the economy are not only hurting Bush but undercutting voters' assessment of Republicans in Congress.

For Democrats, the challenge remains to translate that general discontent into specific victories. But the party's chances of winning control of the Senate have significantly improved in recent months, because of both the unexpected strength of Democratic candidates in several Bush strongholds and retirements by GOP incumbents. And the bid by the Democrats to take over the House, though still a long shot, would gain momentum next week if they won an open seat in South Dakota — a surprisingly likely prospect in a heavily Republican state. That would be the Democrats' second victory in a special House election this year.

"The psychology has changed from one of [achieving] a permanent victory to maintaining the status quo," said Michael Franc, a Republican who is a vice president of the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington.
It's quite unusual for rats to go down with a sinking ship. If these numbers hold up throughout the summer, I would expect many GOP candidates to distance themselves from Bush. This guy's setting up quite a legacy for his party. Anti-Midas strikes again!